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About Analogic MC

Welcome to Analogic Media Collectibles, an expansive resource for the collector of high-end media formats of all types.

As can be inferred from our name, the inventory is built on analog music formats dating back to the 1960’s with a specific focus on Rock ‘n’ Roll, Soul/ Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and Jazz, but over the next couple of years the items offered for sale will expand to include all types of music collectibles, as well as items from the worlds of film and comic graphic arts.

During the latter part of the 20th Century, there was a certain amount of cultural bleed between the commercial aspects of various art forms and the items offered for sale on this site will reflect this era as well as the world of popular arts in the new millennium.

 Digital items will not be ignored, but the bulk of the offerings initially available will be in the following analog formats:

v Vinyl

 12, 10 and 7” formats

  • US domestic and international issues
  • White Label issues, including rare Atlantic Mono issues
  • Vintage used (pre 1990)
  • Contemporary (post 1990)– Both Used and Sealed
  • Limited issues, including Record Store Day offerings

v Audio tape in both vintage used and factory sealed condition

  • Pre-recorded Reel-to-Reel ¼ inch: 3 ¾ and 7 ½ ips.
  • Cassettes – US domestic and International issues
  • 8-track cartridges – US domestic and International issues
  • 4-track cartridges – US domestic

Digital offerings will be limited to rare out-of-print titles and limited production runs.

These will include:

  • CDs
  • Mini-discs
  • DVDs and Blu-ray Audio
  • Multi-format issues, such as box sets with both digital and vinyl product

Quality and Dependability

The inventory for Analogic MC is built around a collection that has been in construction over the last 45 years. I worked as a studio and live musician for over twenty-five years and I have an extensive knowledge of release dates, product variations and general history of the music industry over the last 60 years.

Inventory and Availability

The inventory here at Analogic MC is extensive, with thousands of items not listed on the site. If you are looking for anything of a specific nature (artists, specialty pressings, unusual formats) please do not hesitate to contact us. We can quickly check our inventory database and get back to you with availability and pricing.


Final Word

For the last ten years I have sold primarily on eBay and have a 5-star rating in a) quality of product, b) speed and reliablity in packaging and shipping, and most importantly, c) customer service and satisfaction. Over this time I have seen many changes in both the collector's market and the on-line environment; auction sites have become glorified flea markets without the opportunity to actually handle the prospective purchase; there are countless sellers with little to no expertise looking to cash in on the recent growth of interest in analog music. In addition, sellers are at the constant mercy of ongoing changes based on the auction site's bottom line priorites. This creates a false value base from which to consider the merits of any purchase.

I feel that the serious collector needs as many reliable options as he or she can find - there are a number of good ones already on-line (I have supported a number of them in the past) - and our goal is to be the best and most reliable source for highly collectible purchases available to the discerning buyer.

We also urge you to get involved - feel free to write with any observations, concerns, or questions and we'll do our best to respond in an informative and helpful way.

Most importantly, have fun, enjoy the music and thanks for visiting Analogic MC - it's analogical!


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